Nevada Gaming Chip features 25 exclusive molds including our exciting new 2020 designs: the Aladdin series, X-21, and Rounders line. Allow one week and up from approved proof (depending on order size) for shipment of your order for in-stock chips, and 12 week production time for custom color combinations. Note: All premium chips can be produced to your specific chosen color combinations.

700 Series – 3 Exclusive Molds

  • 707
  • 708
  • 711

The house rack 707 line of injection-molded chips features an exceptionally clean design, with bright colors and a refined appearance. The 1.25 inch inlay area maximizes the space for your artwork, while its hefty 13.5-gram construction gives your players the weighty feel befitting a gambler who knows the difference between quality chips and cheap Charlies. 

House stock on the 707 line offers a choice of 14 color combinations with a diameter of 39 mm. The 707s use four-injection molded shots giving you a galaxy of color possibilities for custom-molded chips—millions of possible combinations. Your high denom chips in the 708 line are an imposing 43 mm in diameter with an additional four house options to choose from. Choose any combination of colors to form your custom rack. 

The 711 line of injection-molded chips feature 15 house chips and millions of combinations for custom orders. These 39 mm clay composite chips weigh 13.5 grams with 15/16 inlay area.


Some casinos favor the 1.25 inch inlay area of the 707s for more real estate for their image, while others opt for the classic look of the 711 chips, a 15/16 inch inlay area with 3 color shots, also featuring a massive basket of color combinations to suit your custom look.

The 707 and 711 chip lines can be customized to the color combinations you need. Allow 12 week production time for custom color combinations, and one week and up from approved proof (depending on order size) for shipment of your order for in-stock chips.

X-21 Molds – 12 Exclusive Molds

  • Fireworks
  • Sea Salt
  • Grand Ocean
  • Winning Combination
  • Batman
  • House of Jewels
  • Earth’s 4 Corners
  • 8 Planets
  • Ship’s Wheel
  • Captain’s Compass
  • Royalty
  • 4 Crowns

Aladdin Series – 8 Exclusive Molds

  • Sinbad The Sailor
  • Special S
  • Aladdin’s Magic Lamp
  • Sahara Sands
  • Four Rivers
  • Earth & Sky
  • NGC Standard
  • Genie (43mm)

GENIE 43mm

4 Color Shots, 43mm Chip, 1.15″ inlay, High denom currency