3D Overt Holographic Technologies

Nevada Gaming Chip has developed the most cutting edge and secure gaming chip security in the world—overt 3D holographic technology. Our currency-level protection is not only impossible to reproduce, but also brings your security tableside.

Security personnel and casino owners love our technologies for one critical factor—we stop theft before it occurs. Sure, we can do space-age securities like taggants, or antiquated and easily counterfeited technologies like UV, but their glaring weakness, the ease of theft, identifies the problem after your money is gone. Not good! You need your chips secured at the table—not in the back room.

We offer three proprietary overt technologies—3D Holographic Fingerprints, 3D-ID Holographic Ghosting, and 3D Holographic Pillars of Wisdom.

3D Holographic Fingerprint Technologies

3D Holographic Fingerprints are contained within translucent holographic fractals on the surface of the live image area. Your original art is easily viewed below the clear holography, but as you turn the chip, catching the light, the “fingerprints” appear within the fractals.

Note: This technology is neither printed or created, but rather a “secret sauce” we created that is impossible to reproduce. 

What’s even better: The dealer and supervisors can easily see that chips are not counterfeits. 

3D-ID Holographic Ghosting Technologies

Ghosting allows the casino to uniquely identify its chips by name or by logo. We can size this as desired, whether prominent or diminutive, or in combinations or multiples of the two. We can also locate the 3D-ID Ghosting anywhere on the inlay, or ghost the text in multiple incarnations. However the ghosting is handled, we create the art on translucent 3D foil so that it doesn’t obscure the underlying art. 

This particular chip below illustrates two advanced holographic securities. It is difficult for the camera to capture the securities—they are, after all, impossible to copy (the point of our innovation!)—but to the naked eye, the securities are visible; again, the focal point of our technology. 

3D Holographic Pillars of Wisdom

Our third 3D overt holographic security, Pillars of Wisdom, works best within a solid image, as below in our example. Our “secret sauce” creates thin, vertical lines (they could run horizontal as well) in darker and lighter columns, to create a stunning image that can not only be seen by the naked eye and verified for authenticity at the table, but which is impossible to reproduce with any camera. 

This 3D holographic security is not created using printing methods, but rather a highly advanced technique produced on sophisticated machinery, providing your gaming operation with the very highest level of protection.