Nevada Gaming Chip, located near Downtown Las Vegas, has produced more than $1 billion worth of currency for countless casinos and cardrooms across the globe. With clients from Caesar’s and the World Series of Poker to smaller venues, casinos, cardrooms, giant multi-nationals and even the Las Vegas mayor’s office, Nevada Gaming Chip can handle your job for secure and non-secure gaming chips. 

We are the only chip manufacturer in the world that features ultra-secure currency-level 3D Holographic technology. In fact, it is our own innovation! This technology is not only impossible to reproduce by any means known to man, but its other main feature, also unique, is that it is visible at the table—with the naked eye, dealers and floorpeople can see that the chips in play are non-counterfeit. 

We feature great work, great service, and very aggressive pricing. We think you’ll like working with us!

Brief History

Nevada Gaming Chip traces its lineage back to 1937. That is before the development of the Las Vegas Strip! The origins of the company started with Langworthy Casinos Supplies. Eventually, Langworthy transitioned into RT Plastics (and Gambler’s General Store) who became one of the leading chip manufacturers in the United States. RT Plastics opened many casinos including perhaps about half the Indian casinos in the United States when other manufacturers refused to make their chips. 

In 2014 we rebranded the company to Nevada Gaming Chip, updating much of the equipment along the way to reflect modern technology. We kept our beloved Franklin, one of our workhorse presses that produces exquisite multi-foil inlays, a favorite of our foreman who has witnessed the evolution of the company from the RT-branded days to the new modernization of the company as Nevada Gaming Chip. In 2017, we sold the retail end of our business, Gambler’s General Store, and moved the manufacturing facility to our own premises at 1916 E. Charleston Blvd, near downtown Las Vegas and just a few minutes down the street from our old headquarters.