The security at Nevada Gaming Chip begins in-house, with your work being produced in downtown Las Vegas – where we have been making chips for three-and-a-half decades – in the most heavily regulated gaming jurisdiction in the world. We have produced secure gaming cheques for countless casinos and cardrooms here, more than a billion dollars worth of currency.

Gaming chip security

What does this mean for your gaming operation? Security of the most important type. If, as is common with our competitors, your currency is produced in Mexico, where cartels wield a heavy influence and workers make pennies on the dollar, or China, the counterfeiting capitol of the world, you have to ask yourself a question: Do you really want your currency made in these non-secure environments? You can ask yourself another question: Do you think the US Government would trust these areas to make their currency? With Nevada Gaming Chip, your gaming cheques are produced in our secure Las Vegas facility. Security? Yes. That’s a huge and we think essential starting point on the checklist of building secure gaming chips.

In addition to covert treatments in spot UV (targeted art such as a value or logo) and blanket UV (the entire live area luminesces), we have the ability to deliver various other high impact securities, in particular, our proprietary very exciting Holographic Fingerprint Technology. In addition to eye-popping reflective foil graphics produced by our Franklin press, the multi-tiered Fingerprint Technology is impossible to reproduce—not difficult, but impossible by any means known.

High impact securities Nevada gaming chip technology

There is one more aspect of the Holographic Fingerprint Technology which makes it enticing technology for your security department and back office operations: Your security is brought directly to the table, visible right there by dealers and the pit. Stop theft before you get stripped.

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