Security & Internal Controls

Our manufacturing plant maintains three independent security systems. The building structure itself is thick concrete block, with all entry points—doors and windows—alarmed and monitored by an independent security company. An additional hard-wired security system not only monitors various entry/exit points (internally and externally), but more importantly, maintains internal monitoring of the secure chip areas—the count room, print room, and secure chip storage, the latter two of which have coded entries accessible only to authorized supervisory personnel. 

The secure chip room itself is solid cement block on three sides, with the fourth walled entry way (coded access only to approved supervisors) accessible to the count room, a restricted area during secure chip jobs. The count room is monitored by dual internal and three external security cameras. 

A third security system maintains redundant monitoring of several strategic internal and external points.

Nevada Gaming Control Commission

Our internal controls, approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Commission (internal document Secure Operations Procedures Manual v3) regulates the ingress and egress of all secure chips, as well as count room procedures, inventory control, damaged chip destruction, and other secure operations. 

The secure chip room can hold close to one million secure chips with expansion plans in preparation to increase the secure chip storage area by as much as two to three times the capacity. 

Our customers enjoy secure gaming check production in the most heavily regulated gaming environment in the world.